The Kazu Takahashi Research Team, CiRA


Recent advances in technology have allowed us to detect things that have been overlooked in the past. As a result, the classical central dogma, which states "messenger RNA transcribed from DNA is translated into proteins that carry out cellular functions" has recently begun to be revised. We are focusing on molecules that are not included in the dogma, such as unannotated small proteins and functional RNAs. These molecules are prime candidates for the "missing pieces" in explaining biological phenomena and molecular mechanisms. With this new perspective, we aim to unravel the mysteries of cell fate determination using pluripotent stem cells as a model.


  • Post-transcriptional

    Non-canonical microproteins
    Mechanisms of translational regulation
    Endogenous retrovirus

  • Cell identity and
    fate decision

    Self-renewal and proliferation
    Lineage priming


A teamwork and open door policy make our research productive



    • TEAMWORK Sharing research materials, technologies, and data with others
    • DECISION MAKING All members will contribute to their respective projects.
    • FLAT ENVIRONMENT An environment where everyone can share their opinions.